Everything you need to know about picking cherries at Cherry Time!

We are open: (May 19)

We open when the cherries ripen, usually the first or second week of May, and we’ll be open for approximately 4 to 5 weeks. Our business hours are generally Wednesday through Sunday, although if a lot of fruit is ripe at the same time, we will sometimes be open on Mondays and Tuesdays. The hours we are open is usually 9am to 5pm. These details will be updated once we open on our facebook page and our website’s “hours” page.

We take the following types of payment:

We accept cash only.

We have lots of free parking ~

We have plenty of parking at the orchard grounds, all free.

We have restrooms:

Yes, portable restrooms.

Do we charge an entry fee?

We do NOT charge an entry fee.

Harvest Time phone appAre we a member of Harvest Time?

Yes, we are Harvest Time member #25.
The Harvest Time organization has a free app for your smartphone (available from the Google PlayStore or the Apple store) that looks like this:

Do we allow picnics? Are dogs allowed?

No. Picnics and animals are not allowed in the orchard, except service dogs with their certified harnesses and registration cards.

Can we tell you how to know which cherries are ripe, and which to pick?

Of course! If you’ve never been, or are not sure, please ask us! We’ll be happy to teach you what to look for. You’ll need to buy what you pick, so be sure it’s the ripeness you like! Our orchard greeters will direct you to the buckets and bags (the bag goes in the bucket, and you use the bag to take your cherries home in), and point you towards the rows and lanes of cherry picking open that day.

Other important things you should know ~

  • Wear comfortable shoes, the orchard grounds are very uneven and full of tufts of grass, and watering trenches.
  • Don’t let children climb the trees – the limbs will break (and your children may get hurt).
  • It can be very warm in Brentwood in late Spring; be sure to wear layers, bring water, hats and sunscreen.